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Cities, unfortunately, are no longer suitable for cycling. There's way too much traffic, pollution and frustration that a biking enthusiast faces. But at Avaniya, cycling becomes sheer joy. Stroll on your cycle through verdant forests and enjoy the beauty of the landscape as you let the wind rustle through your hair. Our track is built in and around the resort, to ensure maximum enjoyment. Those looking for something less sedate and more extreme, our 300 feet long BMX dirt track will do the trick. If you want to spend the whole day cycling, then our custom cycle camps with escorts would be the perfect choice.

Nature lovers, rejoice. Avaniya's Grand Park has numerous birds and animals and to enjoy their company, you can take a leisurely walk around 60 acres of this beautiful land. There are gorgeous gardens, lush landscapes and sparkling lakes to choose from. Those looking for a little more untamed stuff can visit the reserve forest nearby where wild animals such as deer, peacock and numerous others can be spotted. Hills, caves and other rocky regions near Kolar also make it the perfect setting to enjoy nature.

Walking around our farm: be amidst nature, looking at trees , plants birds incets ets, get to see farming land, lake etc.