The Corsair Gaming Series GS600 is the ideal price/performance choice for mid-spec gaming PC

Come experience our high ropes with 23 different activities.
We have two experiences to choose from,

1. India’s longest high rope activity spanning 550ft
2. 30ft high activity

Both these activities help you conquer your fears, explore your individual behaviour, and get a topping of self-confidence. This CHALLENGER COURSE , built on utility poles with cables & ropes, guarantees to get your adrenaline pumping. Safety measures are our first priority – we use ' Continuous belay systems'. So take the step of faith and bring out the sky walker in you.

Planning ( Goal ) Vs execution ( Results). Determination, defeat your barriers ( Come out of comfert zone), never give up attitude.

If u don’t come out of comfert zone and take risk you will not experience life.Sense of achievementboosts self confidence,adrenaline, conquer your fears of height, sence of achievement.


Will be on continuous belay system.